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Creating beautiful visuals for the mobile world
We adapt to mobile technologies through the websites we launch, the videos we produce and the content we deploy. With a focus on accessibility, everything is tailored toward multiple platforms and devices ensuring your content is available to as many people as possible.

Honesty & integrity all the way

We aren't afraid to say things like "you don't need to be on every social media platform" and "here's a more cost effective way to do that." When you are successful, we are successful — everyone wins!

Data that informs & doesn't confuse

Impressions, bounce rates, pay-per-click, oh my! There's no doubt we love data but data should inform not confuse. We use data to drive results, question what isn't working and inform the next steps. We also ditch those feel good vanity metrics in favor of actual sales and conversions over a bunch of likes and shares.

Big city campaigns for local community budgets
You don't need big marketing budgets to advance. You need laser-focused strategies tailored to your location and audience. Technology has evolved to embrace the local community like never before meaning you too can shine like the big organizations with a fraction of their budgets. We are masters of local markets, zero in on your goals and build the creative content to match.

Simplify website content management with automated processes

We've been on both sides developing websites and keeping them updated. Our friends at Pueblo Mentoring Collaborative - PMC wanted a way to let folks know when they couldn't respond to requests. We developed a nifty solution to make it super easy for them. We created a custom content area right within their Wordpress site where they can control everything. They can simply toggle on a special alert bar or even disable the form altogether with just a click. We're all about making site updates a breeze!

Adapting Content Quickly

In the wake of COVID-19, Digital Hart Media jumped into action to help local businesses and organizations quickly adapt to the new demands. We are updating web content, launching new digital platforms, designing signage and creating explainer style animations that detail safety precautions and guidelines.

In just 30 days, our team designed, developed and launched a local marketplace for residents to safely purchase items online from their favorite retailers, creatives and makers.

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Rave Reviews

  • “Our online grant application turned out so nice and accessible. Thank you for your hard work, I know we had high expectations; Thank you for meeting them.” 
    catholic foundation
  • “Nicki is amazing at what she does. Her attention to detail, her ability to work across multiple platforms and her care for her clients is unmatched. She's multi-talented and easy to work with. Would recommend her and her skillset for any project.”
    Jenna Mangino, Rev 89
  • “I think our old site had too much info, was difficult to manage and hard to track. Our new site is simpler and streamlined where we can make changes quickly, see what areas are getting the most activity through analytics and overall, a much more relevant site in today's digital world. It has been a pleasure to work with Digital Hart Media through this process and their ability to address our needs from a cost standpoint made it an easy decision.” 
    joe O'Brien, PEDCO

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Rave Reviews

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