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Digital Hart Media champions for children in foster care and families looking to adopt by helping organizations with a 25% credit toward graphic design, media and web development services.

Championing for children

Our Founder and Creative Director Nicki was adopted as a newborn with her twin sister. Both sisters are forever grateful for the loving and supportive family they grew up with. When Nicki launched Digital Hart Media in 2007, her dream was to grow the business so that it could support children in foster care and families looking to adopt. Today, we are proud to offer the Digital Hart Media Cares Credit to those who support foster care and adoption.

Caring for Local Organizations
This credit helps local organizations receive important collateral such as brochures, flyers and websites to better spread the word about their programs.

Caring for Families
Families looking to adopt go through a rigorous journey. We aim to make that journey a little easier by offering the Digital Hart Media Cares Credit to families that need engaging videos for their adoption profiles. 

Getting support for your project

Let us know your project needs and we will work with you to provide the best creative assets for your project. The Digital Hart Media Cares Credit will be applied to your final invoice.

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