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Digital Hart Media supports children in foster care and families looking to adopt by providing a 25% credit toward graphic design, media and web development services.

Dreams take flight for our children

Meet Nicki, our inspiring Founder and Creative Director, who, along with her twin sister, was lovingly adopted as a newborn. Driven by gratitude and success, Nicki brought Digital Hart Media to life in 2007, and with it, the Dreams Take Flight Program—a heartfelt initiative giving wings to those whose dreams were waiting to take off.

Today, we’re thrilled to extend the Digital Hart Media Cares Credit to our community champions who advocate for foster care and adoption. It just takes one positive influence to make a difference in our children's lives. 

Empowering Local Organizations: Our credit is a beacon of support for local organizations, providing essential tools like brochures, flyers, and websites that amplify their incredible work.

Supporting Families on Their Adoption Journey: We understand the complexities of adoption and are here to lighten the load. The Digital Hart Media Cares Credit is our embrace to families, by offering captivating videos to enrich their adoption stories.

Getting support for your project

Let us know your project needs and we will work with you to provide the best creative assets for your project. The Digital Hart Media Cares Credit will be applied directly to your invoice. 

In addition, we occassionally look for unqiue ways to support those who help adoptees and foster children through sponsorship, scholarships, direct donations and volunteering. 

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