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You’ve come to the right place! We’re a team of creative wizards who can help you communicate in style. We make sure your brand stands out with strong and clear images, and we write content that’s easy to find and hard to forget. We’re always up for a challenge, and we’ve worked with over 200 businesses, organizations, and individuals in Colorado alone! From logos to videos, live shows to social media, websites to whatever else you can think of, we’ve got you covered. We’re not just workers, we’re strong advocates, teachers, and cheerleaders too! We’ve been doing this since 2007, and we’re still going strong.

Designing inclusive content is at our core.

Our women-led team is agile and focused with a deep focus on design. How and where information is shared is vital. Our designs are fresh, informed and adaptable that are meant to be viewed by those with various abilities. 

Inclusive & Accessible Content

Accessibility isn’t only geared toward websites. It affects every piece of content an organization distributes from fliers, emails, social posts and presentations to videos, documents and meetings. Our team has prioritized creating accessible content that helps users engage with content regardless of ability. 

  • conduct an accessibility audit to identify and prioritize barriers;
  • provide accessibility training to understand the principles and standards of content accessibility;
  • perform accessibility testing with various assistive technologies to ensure content is usable by people with different disabilities;
  • establish an ongoing accessibility maintenance plan to keep the content accessible as it evolves;
  • advocate for people with disabilities throughout the product development cycle;
  • provide document and presentation templates ensuring equitable experience for users of all ability levels;
  • draft a comprehensive accessibility policy that outlines the standards to be met;
  • prevent the use of PDFs when the content is better viewed as a webpage;
  • develop design templates for county-wide use;
  • stay updated on accessibility best practices.

Brand Strategy

We make sure everything you do to market your product or service is the same quality and style. This helps you sell faster, keep your patrons or customers happy, and make more money.

Brand architecture
Brand governance and tracking
Integrated brand marketing
Voice definition 
Visual and verbal identity


We deploy improved connections between your brand and patrons through inclusive and dynamic design. 

UX and UI design
Content design
Inclusive and accessible design
Packaging and physical design
Motion design 

Digital Products & Platforms

Did you know you can update an interactive database via an Excel spreadsheet? Or how about sending requests right into your CRM software? We build websites that meet you where you work so that they complement your current tools and systems. We also work to make platforms like WordPress work even better by using its core features along with a page builder and special tools to manage content. This makes your website more flexible, content management easier, and overall site maintenance a breeze!

Web and app design
Data product development
Platform ecosystems 
Platform advisory, strategy and implementation
Information Architecture and improved navigation systems
Usability testing with people of all abilities
SharePoint design and content optimization

Media Services

We know how to create and run robust campaigns on any platform. We don’t just focus on social media, we also help you with Google ads, video streaming, Spotify, in app ads, NFL and other sporting events, local partnerships, outdoor and other offline opportunities. We don’t miss any details and we make sure everything is in harmony. We have good friends in the local media who can spread your message to the right people for a fair price. We handle everything from start to finish, including strategy, design, content, media, timing, placement, reporting and budgeting.

Paid Media & Social Media
Landing Page Development
Online Solutions & eCommerce
Email Campaigns
Public Relations

Rave Reviews

  • “Our online grant application turned out so nice and accessible. Thank you for your hard work, I know we had high expectations; Thank you for meeting them.” 
    catholic foundation
  • “Nicki is amazing at what she does. Her attention to detail, her ability to work across multiple platforms and her care for her clients is unmatched. She's multi-talented and easy to work with. Would recommend her and her skillset for any project.”
    Jenna Mangino, Rev 89
  • “I think our old site had too much info, was difficult to manage and hard to track. Our new site is simpler and streamlined where we can make changes quickly, see what areas are getting the most activity through analytics and overall, a much more relevant site in today's digital world. It has been a pleasure to work with Digital Hart Media through this process and their ability to address our needs from a cost standpoint made it an easy decision.” 
    joe O'Brien, PEDCO

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Rave Reviews

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