Pueblo Department of Public Health & Environment

Tapping into trends and reducing taboo around key public health messages.

Partnering with local media to maximize message distribution.

Placing media in key markets.

Creating timely messaging in coordination with the effect Taylor Swift had on NFL football watchers.

Crafting unique bold messaging to break down barriers and stigma around sexual health for teens and adults.

The Partnership

The Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment is committed to promoting the health and protecting the environment of Pueblo County. As the growing number of infections in Pueblo County continued to rise, our team worked to develop a new campaign that spoke directly to those affected.

We worked with the health department to develop a new campaign that spoke directly to teens and young adults across platforms. The team developed a persona "Tara" that would provide sex education and help the youth of Colorado prevent pregnancy and STIs through the goasktara.com website. This was an complete safe and accessible way to get key information such as birth control tips and access to local clinic information for treatment.

Our primary focus was to leverage NFL Football to spread the word about sexual health to Southern Colorado teens and adults. By tapping into the growing interest of women in fantasy football and other pop trends (thanks to Taylor Swift), we made sexual health less taboo and easier to discuss.

Those who saw the spot during the NFL Sunday Night games immediately engaged with the Go Ask Tara campaign website over 24 hours. This boost in engagement became known as the "NFL Spike" around the office. We also boosted awareness with additional content on social media, radio, apps, Twitch, Youtube, billboards, bus benches, and clinics.

The Work

The Results

59% engagement rate with over 100,000 impressions
every NFL Sunday Night Football game

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