Pueblo County

Digital Hart Media collaborated over 18 months with Pueblo County on developing their brand assets. This work involved over 200 hours of service across 20 departments including 3 new county commissioners, and 5 new elected officials. We covered a lot of ground enhancing the overall credibility of Pueblo County in the community.

Delivering a cohesive suite of brand assets across departments.

Partnered with the IT department to implement major visual improvements to the County’s website.

Created a suite of HR assets and advertising to aid in recruitment efforts.

Provided livestream services for special events.

Designed the first bilingual signage for the Motor Vehicle office.

Improved safety content with updated emergency signage.

Worked to create a custom email signature generator for staff.

Launched the visual brand for Pueblo Means Business.

The Partnership

Pueblo County faced challenges due to inconsistent brand assets across more than 20 different departments and offices. This inconsistency posed a credibility risk, as residents couldn’t easily identify County content. Additionally, the lack of standardized tools like letterhead, graphics, signage, and handouts hindered effective communication with residents.

We took a consistency and inclusive approach to reimagining their brand experiences. By enhancing and building from current assets plus our ability to navigate a complex list of needs in a timely manner, we helped create a suite of assets for less than $150,000. This saved Pueblo County thousands of dollars in staffing costs, equipment, education, taxes and other expenses. Together we brought in several skillsets including design, video/photography, copywriting, web development, accessibility, motion graphics, content organization and creation, social media management and even live streaming.

We developed a simplified design standard that is now used across County channels and content.

We optimized their SharePoint intranet and public website while improving how Pueblo County shared crucial information internally and to the community.

The Work

The Results

10%+ increase
Engagement following department website page optimizations
$200,000+ taxpayer savings
Staffing costs, equipment, education, and other related expenses

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