Good news! You don't need huge beefy budgets and large agencies to get awesome creative assets that drive results. Since 2007, Digital Hart Media has delivered fresh, dynamic and standout creative content for everything from brand assets, video commercials, live streams, social media, and interactive websites. From hard-working small businesses to nonprofits with amazing causes. We join your team as creative partners, educational cheerleaders and advocates for your success.

We do not outsource or white label other agencies’ work as our own – all the work we do on your project is done in-house or by partners who live in Colorado. This allows our team to develop deep, personal connections with our clients and keep our local economy thriving.

Expertise built on reality thriving with transparency.

The world of communications is a vast and changing landscape. Does it cost $250,000 for a logo or $25,000? Is Facebook the right platform for your content or do you need to give TikTok a try? How much should you spend per month on Google ads and doesn't Youtube fit in there somewhere too? Your website is a nightmare to navigate and you haven't updated it since the mid 2010s. 
With Digital Hart Media, you have a creative partner that understands today's audiences, budgets, platforms and technologies with the skill-sets and know-how to deliver results. All of our engagements are consistent and collaborative.
Our expertise 

Southern Colorado Ethical Leadership Award Recipient

This award honors businesses who demonstrate the “Best of the Best” in ethical leadership and have lived a life of integrity at work, at home and in their communities as exhibited by Bill Daniels. Digital Hart Media received the inaugural award in November 2023 with special acknowledgement of our integrity, transparency, and commitment to doing what’s right.

Our people.

Our women-led team is agile and focused. You aren’t paying for a 200+ member team when two can get the job done well. We scale as needed and our strengths lie in our ability to adapt and learn quickly while maximizing time and investment. We are quick to respond to project needs even if it’s to let you know we received the request and how long it will take to implement or complete.

Nicki Hart

Step into Nicki's world, where she's the captain of creativity at Digital Hart Media. Back in 2007, she launched the creative agency keeping her roots in Pueblo. Nicki isn't just a business maven; she's a matchmaker, pairing up with local legends to sprinkle design magic that turns their tales into visual fireworks.

Nicki's also Colorado's ultimate cheerleader. She's out there, waving the flag for tourism and economic growth like it's an extreme sport. She and her mighty team of local alumni are launching new ways to maximize technology and data while inviting more people to experience our small-town vibes under big open skies. Spoiler alert the extra traffic you see is a result of her collaborations with Visit Pueblo and Choose Pueblo's marketing efforts reaching more than 1,000,000 people across the United States.

She plays with colors, photos, and words all day and turns them into extraordinary stories online and offline. Her background in visual storytelling excels in collaborations with several New York Times best-selling authors and the nation’s top publishing houses Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins and Macmillan. Together we work to bring book pages to life turning static images into beautifully animated visuals and bookmarks and posters into keepsake custom swag.

She is behind the redesign of many local community websites including the Pueblo County, Visit Pueblo, PEDCO, the Pueblo Chile, the Southern Colorado Community Foundation and many local businesses and nonprofit organizations.

She is helping the next generation of over 30,000 designers in 187 countries through an online education network Design Procademy. This platform directly connects high school and college students, as well as those getting into design, to evolving creative industry resources and real-world techniques. By leveraging the power of web platforms, Design Procademy compliments classroom learning leading to higher success in the workplace.

You can find Nicki active online over on Facebook and Instagram where I share my latest art projects.

Tiffany Pettigrew Tiffany Pettigrew is an Art Director and Designer at Digital Hart Media, specializing in visual communication. With over five years of experience in the field, her work has been recognized with awards such as first place for large scale printing and second place for COVID communication plans for NIRSA in 2022. She has also been nominated for Graphic Design from Southern Colorado Press Club in 2023.

Zoe Schmidt

Zoë has been with Digital Hart Media since 2012 when she started as a design intern. She has extensive experience in print design and brand development.  She graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo with a Bachelor of Fine Arts emphasizing in graphic design and minored in marketing. As a member of the Digital Hart Creative team, Zoë loves putting her passion for art and design to work.

Brands we've collaborated with and helped grow. 

Pueblo County - Brand Strategy & Design

200 hours of service across 20 departments and elected officials. Digital Hart Media collaborated over 18 months with Pueblo County on developing their brand assets. This work involved over 200 hours of service across 20 departments including 3 new county commissioners, and 5 new elected officials.

Our ability to navigate a complex list of needs in a timely manner helped us create a suite of assets for less than $150,000. This saved Pueblo County thousands of dollars in staffing costs, equipment, education, taxes and other expenses. Together we brought in several skillsets including design, video/photography, copywriting, web development, accessibility, motion graphics, content organization and creation, social media management and even live streaming. We optimized their SharePoint intranet and public website to improve how Pueblo County shared crucial information internally and to the community.

Pueblo Department of Public Health & Environment - Public Health Campaign

59% engagement rate with over 100,000 impressions every NFL Sunday Night Football game. We used NFL Football to spread the word about sexual health to Southern Colorado teens and adults in 2022-2023. By tapping into the growing interest of women in fantasy football and other pop trends (thanks to Taylor Swift), we made sexual health less taboo and easier to discuss.

Those who saw the spot during the NFL Sunday Night games immediately engaged with the Go Ask Tara campaign website over 24 hours. This boost in engagement became known as the "NFL Spike" around the office. We also boosted awareness with additional content on social media, radio, apps, Twitch, Youtube, billboards, bus benches, and clinics.

Pueblo Greater Chamber of Commerce - Special Event Campaign

10,000+ video views in 30 minutes. There's nothing quite like a festive scavenger hunt to get you in the holiday spirit! We partnered with the Chamber to create a campaign that went viral in the local community receiving more than 50,000 content views, adding over 2,000 new Facebook followers, and over $25,000 in cash and prices within 7 days of launch. At launch, the initial 3 part video series received over 20,000 views each in less than 24 hours with the later clue videos to the treasure receiving 10,000+ views in 30 minutes.This is one of our most successful local campaigns and engaged over 60% of the community in the hunt! 

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