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Hey! I'm Nicki

I am Nicki Hart, the Founder and Creative Director here at Digital Hart Media. I started this company in 2007 partnering with local organizations, foundations and nonprofits to build a better community, visually.

I play with colors, photos and words all day and turn them into extraordinary stories online and offline. My background in visual storytelling excels in collaborations with several New York Times best-selling authors and the nation’s top publishing houses Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins and Macmillan. Together we work to bring book pages to life turning static images into beautifully animated visuals and bookmarks and posters into keepsake custom swag.

I am behind the redesign of many local community websites including the Pueblo ChamberPEDCO, the Pueblo ChilePark East, the Southern Colorado Community Foundation and CSU-Pueblo’s award-winning Rev 89 & The Today Newspaper.

My passion for improving the community I have called home for 30 years went into the recent launch of Choose Pueblo, an external website dedicated to showcasing the many amazing stories Pueblo has to offer for those looking to move here. Since launch, Choose Pueblo has reached over 10,000 people in all 50 states.

I am a long time board/advisory member of Rocky Mountain PBS as well as local and state economic development initiatives.

I am helping the next generation of over 30,000 designers in 187 countries through an online education network Design Procademy. This platform directly connects high school and college students, as well as those getting into design, to evolving creative industry resources and real-world techniques. By leveraging the power of web platforms, Design Procademy compliments classroom learning leading to higher success in the workplace.

You can find me active online over on Facebook and Instagram where I share my latest art projects.

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